About Us

Established in September 2009, with offices in Australia and North America, Snap provides video surveillance software that helps operators to more effectively manage and monitor large camera networks.

Snap’s core technology has been commercialized from world-leading research in large-scale video surveillance undertaken within the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML). Snap takes the unique approach of focusing on a camera network as a whole, rather than applying computer vision techniques to individual cameras in isolation. This results in software that automatically learns the relationships between cameras across the network, and applies this knowledge of the network topology to generate a simple, robust and intuitive video pursuit tool for security operators.

Snap Force Multiplier (FMx) was first released in 2012 and was named Best Product at ASIAL’s Security 2012 trade show. It complements the standard functionality of modern Video Management Systems and helps deliver more value from security systems. Snap FMx makes operators much more productive in reviewing video evidence, and more reliable at live incident tracking.

Led by our Chief Technology Officer, Dr Henry Detmold, the Snap development team continues to develop the product and expand support for Video Management Systems, which currently include Milestone XProtect, Honeywell’s DVM, Genetec Security Center, and Avigilon Control Center.