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About Snap Surveillance

Snap Force Multiplier (FMX) is software created by Snap Surveillance, a security software company with offices in North America and Australia. The core technology has been commercialized from world-leading research in large-scale video surveillance undertaken within the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML). Snap Surveillance takes the unique approach of focusing on a camera network as a whole, rather than applying computer vision techniques to individual cameras in isolation – and using this for more powerful video surveillance monitoring and tracking solutions.

Snap FMX combines powerful technology with human intelligence, which super-charges your security management system to facilitate rapid, accurate response. Best suited to large-scale networks of hundreds of cameras or more, it is the only technology in the world (yes, we have the patent) that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically understand and map how cameras in a large security environments relate to each other. When an operator finds a target in one view, the software then guides the operator on where to look next to track the target’s journey through the camera network – while at the same time allowing the operator to create a continuous video story of that journey across the individual streams, for instant export.

Snap FMX is ten times faster than a human alone at following a target in recorded video through large scale camera networks and delivers zero-loss subject tracking accuracy in live or recorded video.

Snap FMX is compatible with a wide range of leading Video Management Systems (VMS) – and complements the standard functionality of modern VMS systems to deliver more value to the operators and managers of these security systems.

Existing customers of Snap Surveillance include schools, universities, airports, and hospitals with security camera networks of 50 to over 3,000 cameras.

Product Development

Led by our Chief Technology Officer, Dr Henry Detmold, the Snap development team continues to develop the product and expand support for Video Management Systems, which currently include Milestone XProtect, Honeywell’s DVM, Genetec Security Center, and Avigilon Control Center.


Snap has received funding from private capital investors, together with Government grant programs. These include Australian Super (administered by Brandon Capital Partners), the SA Angels, and Adelaide Research & Innovation (ARI). Snap has been a successful recipient of funding from Commercialisation Australia from 2011 to 2014 including a Proof of Concept project.

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