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Video Pursuit Across Entire Camera

Snap FMX determines the field of view overlaps between cameras. When tracking a target or analyzing an incident, the operator is assisted intuitively via a simple interface. With our Peripheral Vision, the operator is provided with a clear and immediate understanding of how cameras are related to each other and what different views are available of a scene.

Tracking Forwards, Backwards And In Parallel

When Snap FMX is enabled, an incident response team can pursue the target in real time, and follow that same target backwards to a point of origin or incident of interest. Team members can be tasked to follow multiple targets forward and backwards in archived and live footage from their VMS, as part of an efficient and comprehensive investigation. And with our Peripheral Vision, the team rarely loses track of a subject.

Fast And Simple Video Export

Snap FMX's video recording feature automatically produces a comprehensive and continuous video record that follows the operator’s video pursuit from camera to camera. Snap FMX eliminates the time consuming video retrieval process currently needed to assemble evidence. Just press ‘Record’, follow the action and a continuous video stream is recorded mirroring the operator’s view. Distribution can be in real-time, sent as an email to multiple parties, or saved onto local media.

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