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The following outline some of the results from Snap’s installations. Please come back regularly as we update this page.


Snap performs strongly for airports by greatly reducing incident response and resolution times. In an international airport terminal, we reduced incident review times from hours to near real time. We also demonstrated our ability to help operators reliably maintain video pursuit, out performing their peers with traditional systems.

“Snap actually meets its claims and is capable of delivering a significant improvement to our security needs whilst simultaneously reducing our operating costs”


Snap’s software has been successfully deployed within several correctional facilities – and has demonstrated performance benefits and increased situational awareness. For corrections officers tasked with monitoring video feeds, Snap makes it easier to follow subjects through the facility without confusing similar-appearing scenes (to the human eye) such as corridors and cell doors. For intelligence and investigation teams, Snap allows rapid review of incidents without the team member needing to be familiar with the facility’s camera layout.


Our software is used to enhance the capabilities of the installed VMS, with first hand feedback from operators on the benefits for making the system easier to use – including improved video tracking and incident response, and in enabling shorter site familiarization time for new security operators. This has noted value for campuses with contract security personnel being frequently moved around, or having to monitor video as one of many parallel tasks.

Many security managers will have watched with frustration as their teams struggle to find the right video feed during an incident – especially a critical live event. We often see security staff searching through camera trees for the right name or the most appropriate set of camera views, even with a well set up and grouped VMS. Snap avoids this issue, showing the operator the video feeds most relevant to their current focus, and removing background noise and unnecessary or unrelated views.

“When responding to an incident, we switch from our video wall and use the Snap software to track the incident”