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Snap FMX software

Time-Saving Video Pursuit Solution

Making Sense of Surveillance Networks

We’ve developed the only software in the world that uses machine learning to automatically understand the relationships between video cameras in large-scale surveillance networks (how cameras overlap and intersect or neighbour each other). Our software transforms a series of individual security cameras into a powerful, interconnected web and then using this to build a powerful video tracking solution – making instant, accurate tracking the new normal.

For the first time, organisations can use our AI-enabled software to quickly and accurately track a subject across a large-scale security network – even for thousands of cameras.

Snap Force Multiplier (Snap FMx)

Snap FMX software features our unique ‘Peripheral Vision’ interface and fast video export functionality. Snap FMX integrates with and complements a range of leading Video Management Systems (VMS) for real time video pursuit and forensic review of incident from recorded video – and helps “turn any operator into an expert“. Snap FMX allows an operator to understand and view the video streams available from across a camera network of any size that relate directly to the primary camera being viewed – without needing to manually build that view. Selecting any of the peripheral camera streams immediately switches that stream into the primary view with its own set of related cameras shown.

This enables an operator to quickly and reliably follow a person or incident through a large camera environment, regardless of how familiar they are with the site layout or the camera locations. FMX also enables fast and simple video export, providing a continuous and real time recording of video streams as they are sequentially viewed.

The result: Operators using Snap FMX are ten times faster than a human alone at following targets in recorded video and the software allows zero-loss subject tracking accuracy in both live and recorded video.

Snap FMX integrates with a range of VMS, currently including Milestone, Honeywell, Genetec, and Motorola/ Avigilon, and Indigovision.


Respond quickly during critical incidents

In real-time critical incidents, users are forced to rely on site maps, their ability to recall camera locations, or to urgently scan across video walls to help locate the target. With ForceMultiplier, operators quickly understand where a target has been, where it is currently, and anticipate where the target is going. Seamlessly track the target without knowing the site layout, or even having familiarity with the video system.


Proactively identify gaps in coverage

The worst time to discover a gap in coverage is when you need a key piece of video that’s missing. ForceMultiplier learns and displays linked cameras, proactively connecting all the cameras across your video system and highlights any gaps so adjustments can be made. ForceMultiplier captures the sequence of events and makes it easier to identify when an incident is triggered, an alarm or access control breach occurs, or video analytics recognizes suspicious activity.


Zero in on what you’re looking for

Locating relevant video is like looking for needles in a haystack. Surveillance operators spend hours searching and assembling all the pieces of video related to an incident. ForceMultiplier simplifies the process, allowing operators to quickly identify multicamera video sequences, providing management and law enforcement with a clear picture so they can make informed decisions.

How Force Multiplier Works

Force Multiplier automatically learns the relationships between all the cameras on a network, ie. the degree to which the camera views overlap or are adjacent to one another. Once these relationships are learned, then tracking a target through a network becomes a matter of certainty.

Fully Integrated

ForceMultiplier is fully integrated with the world’s leading Video Management System platforms, including:

  • Milestone Systems
  • Genetec
  • Avigilon
  • Honeywell

Making Sense Of Surveillance Networks

The screen (below) demonstrates ForceMultiplier in action, and highlights the key features:

  • Peripheral vision: current main video stream shown in the context of neighboring streams, providing situational awareness
  • Visual navigation menu: neighboring streams allow the user to switch between the main view to follow the target
  • Video pursuit functionality: allows users to follow the
    action and easily produce consolidated evidence video
  • Forensic investigation: users can navigate live and archived streams, both forwards and backwards, to aid in forensic investigations from the safety of their desks

Managing A Major Live Incident

Force Multiplier can simultaneously work in real time and on archived video footage and with multiple operators. This powerful but simple capability is valuable in managing major live incidents with several targets. A major security breach in an airport, for instance, can be worked on by several operators, some managing the present situation and others investigating preceding and related events throughout the video network.

Increased Utilization

Snap’s Visual Navigation feature makes it easy. No matter how many cameras – even thousands – using Snap enables non-expert operators and other users in the organization to effectively access the network.

Efficient Collection Of Camera Relationship

Working in the background, alongside a site’s VMS, the Snap Network Intelligence engine automatically learns the relationships between surveillance cameras. Changes, additions and moves on camera networks are surprisingly commonplace; when they occur, Force Multiplier’s Update feature discovers new and changed camera relationships without manual intervention. The Snap Network Intelligence engine provides scalability to thousands of cameras, ensuring customers don’t outgrow their investment – and, like all of Snap’s products, our software runs on leading VMS platforms and is camera agnostic, so Snap provides customers with new returns on their existing investment in camera fleet.


How To Buy Snap FMx

Snap is currently developing a network of preferred resellers in our primary markets including North America, Australasia and EMEA through which FMx software is able to be purchased. For Milestone buyers, Snap is also listed within the Milestone Marketplace.