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Snap Surveillance’s software complements and extends the capabilities of a VMS platform for large and complex camera networks – as a unique tool to get higher performance and more productivity from security and surveillance operators.

Snap automatically works out the physical relationship and intersections between each camera in the surveillance network – scaling up to 1,000’s of cameras – using the VMS video data. It uses this to create an operator view specific to each and every camera, with minimal or no manual intervention. Snap’s “peripheral vision” views are set up automatically to contain the nearby cameras (up to 8) for each camera in the system. And peripheral vision views are also a navigation tool: if you want to follow an incident or track a person from camera to camera, either live or from archive, just click in the surrounding camera to switch to that camera’s own peripheral view – Snap makes multi-camera video fast and reliable.

Effective Video Pursuit

By learning from the video feeds, Snap determines the field of view overlaps between cameras and builds a ‘map’ of how the camera views relate to each other. This knowledge allows Snap to build video views specific to each camera, showing the overlapping, adjacent or related cameras. Operationally this means that when monitoring staff need to track a target in real time across a camera network, they don’t need to rely on picking the right camera from a video wall or camera tree, or to try and remember camera locations – Snap makes multi-camera tracking easy and removes guesswork with a simple interface. With our Peripheral Vision, the operator is provided with a clear and immediate understanding of how cameras are related to each other and what different views are available of a scene.

Efficient Forensic Review

Snap works equally well for incident review from video archives as it does for live tracking. Working in concert with the recorded video maintained by the VMS, Snap lets an incident response team or other staff (and third parties such as police) use the same multi camera tracking functionality. Operators can follow a target backwards or forwards, and bookmark incidents on the fly. Team members can be tasked to follow multiple targets forward and backwards, as part of an efficient and comprehensive investigation. And with our Peripheral Vision, the team rarely loses track of a subject. Add to that the ‘instant video export’ and users can create a continuous, stitched together multi-camera video storyboard of the video pursuit as they go.

Real world benchmarks show that Snap’s software helps operators:

  • Review multi-camera incidents up to 10 times faster
  • Maintain live tracks that would otherwise be lost
  • Reduce the learning curve and increase productivity for new and part-time operators

Removing the clutter and reducing reliance on
site knowledge and expertise …