The Snap Difference

Snap was created to help the owners and operators of digital CCTV fleets gain more from their investment, through more effective surveillance.

Peripheral Vision

Users of Snap see video streams in the context of neighbouring video streams with our unique “Peripheral Vision” display – making security staff more effective.

Video Pursuit

Neighbouring video streams act as a menu for navigating the network – improving operator ability to follow the action moving around a site.

Evidence Videos

Just by following the action, users of Snap can produce consolidated videos of everything suspects do whilst on site – providing rapid and compelling support for investigations.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Using Snap, security staff can browse around an area of interest, moving from cameras to camera in a sensible fashion, without needing to be physically present or to know each camera’s location.


Snap scales to networks of thousands of cameras. The larger or more complex the camera network, the greater the benefit for operators in understanding and navigating through that network.

Camera-agnostic Operation

Snap’s software requires no special camera functionality, and we work with the majority of cameras and encoders.